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So I have made a little FST for Azula that has everything to do with what happens to her character after the point I took her from. I could use the excuse that it helps me keep those less used facets of her character in mind or I could just admit I don't have enough songs about amazing villainous manipulators to do a proper music list on her default character state. Although I'm sure everyone who knows me would guess the Electric Six song would be on it. And they would be right.

Anyway, there's free music here and you don't even have to read my commentary to snatch it. Everybody wins.

Spoilers for the end of Avatar: Aang wins, Azula loses

Okay. It would come as no surprise that Azula loses. She is the bad guy, the whole plot of the story hinges on this. The thing is how she loses, which isn't by accidentally falling to her death ala Disney villains (although there was that time in Southern Raiders), or a miraculous spring of conscience, or escaping via a plothole for Avatar II: Spirit World Boogaloo. She basically unravels as the conflict reaches its climax and is left a broken, emotionally ruined mess.

A lot of people think that Azula's end was actually done like a tragedy. Others can argue "bitch had it coming." And she did have it coming. Everyone else in the series suffered from her cruelty, and they deserve more sympathy for their struggles. But they can make their own arguments and their own fanmixes, so there.

This is just my handful of songs that (I hoped) were accurate without falling into self-pity or bathos. Because Azula doesn't do pity or emotional confession nights.

1. "Weapon" by Matthew Good Band

Here by my side, you are destruction
Here by my side, a new color to paint the world
Never turn your back on it

Boiling Rock! Azula learns why it's a bad thing to treat your friends like tools. One day they will turn on you like a double bladed knife. Or, to put it in less poetic terms, facilitate your enemies' escape while calling you on toolish behavior then kidney punching you while your back is turned. The only problem is Azula seems to take the loss of her bffs less like an aspiring world conquering psychopath should and more like a bitter fourteen year old girl does.

2. "Chinese Burn" by Curve

Because the rage it burns like Chinese torture
She's just someone's favourite daughter
Spoilt and ugly as she willingly slaughters
Friends and enemies they're all the same

Southern Raiders. Where Azula has five minutes of screentime to prove she can still be more psychotic than Katara, even when it's the episode devoted to the waterbender hunting down her mother's killer. The major difference being that Azula is mad when she shows up. Mad and already talking about how she's going to celebrate being an only child when it's zeppelin/revenge o'clock! Her carefully constructed "better than you" facade is starting to slip.

3. "Your Battlefield" by Susie Suh

Someday I will ask myself if I was dissillusioned
I will ask myself, if I have proven
That I made it on my own terrms
Yeah, I may have suffered some burns
But I am living my dreams and am who I want to be

Ozai and Azula. Their relationship is deeply fucked up considering the only time Azula makes a kicked puppy face is when Ozai tells her she can't come with him on the genocide field trip. And, despite being promised the position of Fire Lord, Azula proceeds to second guess herself about how much Ozai believes in her while she's left behind to take care of the Fire Nation. Especially since the war he sent her off to fight in is now something she's being given a time out from. Apparently Zuko didn't inherit all of the "Daddy please love me and give me validation" genes.

4. "Power Trip Ballad" by Maria Mena

The way in which I fear is only a reflection of you
The devastating child of the power trip you forced me through

Ask me why she scares me
Do you want to know why I'm angry?
Can't you tell I'm crying?
Mother, I don't feel good

You will always be the bitter, saddest part of me

Azula proceeds to stage three of crazy: hallucinations of her mother! Admittedly, this song doesn't quite fit but if you replace the idea of "divorce and infidelity" with "political power play that meant Ursa killed her father-in-law to save Zuko while Azula played messenger" it fits! Really! Also there's the line of her eating disorder you can fit for Azula's newfound paranoia of cherries. And the mommy issues galore...

5. "Gained the World" by Morcheeba featuring Manda

I heard I lost it on the grapevine
I must admit I had a great time
There are words for people like me
But I don't think there's very many

On the eve of Sozin's Comet, Azula is so close to getting what she's always wanted. To be Fire Lord. And look how well that turned out for her crazy genocidal ancestors and her dad, who is now running around with a helmet and cape calling himself the Phoenix King. It just proves the old adage: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

6. "Lightning Field" by Sneaker Pimps

Strike me down
Give it everything you've got
Chance me now
I'll be everything I'm not
Hope's the child of what luck brings
Points to faith in higher things
Ask me now
Fire at everything at once
Strike me down
Take it any way you want

Zuko shows up to crash the party. And instead of shrugging him off like all the other times, she goes out of her way to stop the coronation just so she can take him on in an Agni Kai. Probably because if there's one thing that makes sense in Azula's world it's that she is always going to win against Zuko. Because she's the prodigy and he's the screw up. Only it doesn't happen that way, because for once Zuko is being the calm one (...well, relatively. Telling Azula to give it her best shot with lightning isn't what I'd call a sane move) and for once Azula is failing. In the fight and keeping her composure.

7. "A Great Fire" by Silverstein

I can see through the flames that the fire cleanses me
Mind and soul now the same, and my body guides the way
I can see, through my tired eyes, my sickness controls me
Deep inside, I know trust is the mother of deceit

So Azula technically, if not through horrible cheating, wins the Agni Kai by forcing Zuko to take a lightning bolt for Katara's safety. Only she's already lost. Not because of kids' show morals, but because she's completely axe-crazy now. This song is less about her fighting Katara and more about Azula vs The Voices In Her Head. Since up until then she'd been doing badly, but when she sees Katara risk her life to save Zuko, that his choices saved his life where her left her alone and...uh, chained to a water grate because she's obviously not all there. And she spends the rest of Sozin Comet's spitting fire, crying and flailing about in a crazed manner that is difficult to watch.

8. "Living in Exile" by Sleater Kinney

Once I had all, I had everything
The real princess, the ruling queen
I walked with arrogance, with vanity
But I made sure my heart they wouldn't see

I know my head is my worst enemy
Swallowed too much of it and started to believe

I totally swiped this off another Azula fanmix, because it was just that fitting (and also in mp4 file, sorry). So even if we NEVER SEE AZULA AGAIN IN THE EPILOGUE, THANKS it's pretty clear she's not exactly going to be welcomed back to the Fire Nation for everything she did. And whatever presence she has is off-screen where her name goes down in infamy or obscurity.

9. "That's Okay" by The Hush Sound

You were a child who was made out of glass
You carried a black heart passed down from your dad
If somebody loved you, they'd tell you by now
We all turn away when you're down

You want to go back to where you felt safe
To hear your brother's laughter, to see your mother's face
Your childhood home is just powder white bones
And you'll never find your way back

Everybody gets their happy ending.

...okay that was a little depressing. Also if anyone wants the full mix zipped I can do that the three of you that read all the way through.

Unrelated, everybody else should take "The Beach" by All Time Low as a good Azula song for the episode of the same name. Because it's precisely as dorky as it should be.
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