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Vacationed time: January 4th-January 6th (2 days). Azula waited a day to prepare and see if anyone came back mauled/without memory first. :|b

Vacationed place: The Fire Nation capital

Brought with: A shitton of coal from Santa, notes she copied about firearms and zeppelins, craftsmen items she received from other people to demonstrate their cultures

Came back during: Weird timing before Mai received the letter from her uncle, which Azula noted but had other things to worry about.

Reason for vacation: Report to Fire Lord Ozai, help prepare the invasion plans, mental health days (laugh and she'll electrocute you)

What happened:
- making use of the luxury spa treatment and abusing servants to do everything for her while she unwinds
- get updates on the plans and reorient her timing for the day of Sozin's Comet
- prepare speech (sprinkled with so many lies) for the Fire Lord
- meet with Dad 8| summation: Avatar and his group escaped into this place to gather reinforcements. Spins it as a siege warfare, which is why she was unable to return and hasn't killed the Avatar, proposes Ozai sending a letter of royal decree to open discussion with the Director that she'll help prepare so she can amend it to her self-interest before it is sent out
- meet with the Dai Li for training and tell them to set up wanted posters for terrorists involved with anyone named Jet or Lan and if they're captured to make them special guests in Ba Sing Se
- bask in evil accomplishment with servants waiting on her hand and foot
- riding on a motherfucking zeppelin for a test run
- so much abusing of servants and enjoying everyone obeying her orders without question
- sat in a war meeting which was boring but what can you do. At least it means Dad didn't publicly disown her and leave a permanent lesson on her face /o/
- wrote notes to herself about camp and hid them where nobody else but she could find them
- spent a few hours in the market capital without attendants to see if anyone recognized her without the princess trappings and compare it to dealing with camp. Conclusion: being regarded as royalty is so much better.
- kicked a puppy or some cute animal equivalent
- gathered up materials for a return trip she is dreading and idly wonders if she can avoid returning. But she had to. Stupid camp :(

Canon update?: lol no. Even if she heard about the betrayal after the fact it would mean bad IC relations bomb. Although if Azula handled Boiling Rock on her own that might have changed things dramatically. Fushigi mystery.

Brought back: Fire flakes/fruit tarts for Mai and herself, fried Avatar doughboys for other people as a joke souvenir (if they don't get the joke it's not her fault), a large amount of Fire Nation currency to deal with the barter situation, spare outfits including one designed for Fire Nation soldiers that were stationed in the poles, pretty new hairpiece to reinstate the crowned princess thing


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