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Birthdate:Aug 12
Location:United States of America
((Roleplay journal for [info]campfuckudie played by [personal profile] gaisce (reachable at that username @ gmail). All icons unless otherwise stated were made by [info]capthlock_rage. Please credit if you take.))

Interests (94):

"bending" the truth, absolute power, agni kai matches, any opportunity to exploit, attempts on uncle's life, being an only child, being better than you, being better than zuko, being fire lord, being perfect, being right, being straighter than zuko, being stronger, blind jokes, blue fire, capturing the avatar, capturing traitors, competency, complete control, complete non-con, conquest, crushing all opposition, crushing your hope, dai li cabana boys, deceiving others, destroying happiness, destroying my enemies, domination, dubious subtext with minions, elite fighting teams, emasculating zuko, exploiting weaknesses, father/daughter bonding via genocide, finding better minions, fire lord azulon, fire lord ozai, fire lord sozin, fire nation!!1!, firebending, fratricide, functional insanity, head bitch in charge, honor, i really mean honor, ignoring awkward tender moments, instilling fear, kicking puppies, killing santa claus, laughing at your pain, lightningbending, lying, magnificent bastard plots, mai, mai's smirky smirk, making dad proud, making katara rage, manicures, military strategy, minions, mocking toph, myself, not convenient water grates, not emotional confession nights, not failing, not flirting, not losing, not love, not phoenix kings, not traitors, not trust, not underestimating others, pathological lying, perfection, power, prince zuko, prisoner interrogation, ruling the world, setting stuff on fire, slight non-con, sozin's comet, spa days, teasing lulu, teasing zuzu, the dai li, the fire nation, topping, tormenting sokka, ty lee, ty lee's feelings sometimes, undermining others, verbal emasculation, victory, winning, your suffering
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