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So Princess Azula is kind of made of badtouch, but hopefully I do the good kind of badtouch with her. If you have any concerns or issues feel free to drop a line here. Comments are screened. ...and I promise I won't kill your family. *sigh*
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Saturday, May 7th, is Free Comic Book Day

And one of the offerings happens to be an Avatar comic! A season one vignette of Aang's adventures! And a prelude of their continuing canon via the comic books REFUSING TO HOPE THEY ADDRESS ANYTHING FOR AZULA, BUT IT'S NICE TO DREAM.

Never been to a Free Comic Book Day? Just go here and find a local participating store near you. It's not just Avatar, they're also offering comics of Darkwing Duck, Atomic Robo, Green Lantern, Inspector Gadget, Deadliest Sharks (ya rly), and more. There's even this crossover with a big unknown lug named Thor. You might be able to win tickets to a movie about him? I don't know what that guy's deal is...
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[Somebody decided to use the fact that it's a hundred degrees outside to wear heavy robes and light candles for meditation practice, because that's how firebenders roll. This is probably the most peaceful looking Azula has seemed in...well, ages. So clearly this must be rectified and ruined immediately...]
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[Disclaimer goes here: While I think The Last Airbender was an awful movie that people should absolutely boycott, I bear no personal ill-will to the actors, execs, or M. Night Shyamalan other than hoping they never make a sequel. This is a parody.]

'The Last Airbender' as reviewed by Princess Azula of the Fire Nation )
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How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal

...I just felt the need to post this for fighting stat clarification should [ profile] fuckyoucult ever resurface
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[timespace bending to right after Azula tries a two on one agni kai fight with the dragons and has been forcibly dragged back

clearly the best time to have a Fire Nation bonding session]
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[in a totally neutral yet isolated area of camp!!]

Out of the hospital and already getting into more trouble?
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Since we've covered the collective shame anyone has when mentioning the issues in the Avatar movie (the airbender one, Cameron's is a whole other encyclopedia of wrong) I think the best remedy to sit back and laugh. Because the more dramatically serious they present themselves, the worse it's going to be when they lose to the sparklepires.

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Vacationed time: January 4th-January 6th (2 days). Azula waited a day to prepare and see if anyone came back mauled/without memory first. :|b

Vacationed place: The Fire Nation capital

Brought with: A shitton of coal from Santa, notes she copied about firearms and zeppelins, craftsmen items she received from other people to demonstrate their cultures

Came back during: Weird timing before Mai received the letter from her uncle, which Azula noted but had other things to worry about.

Reason for vacation: Report to Fire Lord Ozai, help prepare the invasion plans, mental health days (laugh and she'll electrocute you)

What happened:
- making use of the luxury spa treatment and abusing servants to do everything for her while she unwinds
- get updates on the plans and reorient her timing for the day of Sozin's Comet
- prepare speech (sprinkled with so many lies) for the Fire Lord
- meet with Dad 8| summation: Avatar and his group escaped into this place to gather reinforcements. Spins it as a siege warfare, which is why she was unable to return and hasn't killed the Avatar, proposes Ozai sending a letter of royal decree to open discussion with the Director that she'll help prepare so she can amend it to her self-interest before it is sent out
- meet with the Dai Li for training and tell them to set up wanted posters for terrorists involved with anyone named Jet or Lan and if they're captured to make them special guests in Ba Sing Se
- bask in evil accomplishment with servants waiting on her hand and foot
- riding on a motherfucking zeppelin for a test run
- so much abusing of servants and enjoying everyone obeying her orders without question
- sat in a war meeting which was boring but what can you do. At least it means Dad didn't publicly disown her and leave a permanent lesson on her face /o/
- wrote notes to herself about camp and hid them where nobody else but she could find them
- spent a few hours in the market capital without attendants to see if anyone recognized her without the princess trappings and compare it to dealing with camp. Conclusion: being regarded as royalty is so much better.
- kicked a puppy or some cute animal equivalent
- gathered up materials for a return trip she is dreading and idly wonders if she can avoid returning. But she had to. Stupid camp :(

Canon update?: lol no. Even if she heard about the betrayal after the fact it would mean bad IC relations bomb. Although if Azula handled Boiling Rock on her own that might have changed things dramatically. Fushigi mystery.

Brought back: Fire flakes/fruit tarts for Mai and herself, fried Avatar doughboys for other people as a joke souvenir (if they don't get the joke it's not her fault), a large amount of Fire Nation currency to deal with the barter situation, spare outfits including one designed for Fire Nation soldiers that were stationed in the poles, pretty new hairpiece to reinstate the crowned princess thing
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[Later at night, in a section of the forest that's far enough away from Cabin Rockyroad and the Fire Cabin, someone is wearing bright red and a bandage over her neck]

...I said not to be late.
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Happy birthday Ty Lee! It's not a visual seizure like Zuko gave you, but it might hurt the same way...

Damn my castmates for having birthdays all clustered together )
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So I have made a little FST for Azula that has everything to do with what happens to her character after the point I took her from. I could use the excuse that it helps me keep those less used facets of her character in mind or I could just admit I don't have enough songs about amazing villainous manipulators to do a proper music list on her default character state. Although I'm sure everyone who knows me would guess the Electric Six song would be on it. And they would be right.

Anyway, there's free music here and you don't even have to read my commentary to snatch it. Everybody wins.

Spoilers for Boiling Rock, Southern Raiders and the finale )

Unrelated, everybody else should take "The Beach" by All Time Low as a good Azula song for the episode of the same name. Because it's precisely as dorky as it should be.
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Not very surprising but calling a hiatus until June 3rd, because of finals and mostly wanting to die. I will still be reachable for the sake of my mental health but not actual attention.

And to not make this completely a waste, that icon meme... )
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I should be thread-logging and yet...

The crazy test )
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It's officially the holiday season and I'm going to be super busy for most of the time, so doing this early. Comment here with something, characters, a theme, a couple of lyrics or whatever. I'll try to write you something as my thanks for playing with me. Possibly even draw something if my scanner ever works again.

I promise to try not to fail at this.
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[In some convenient out of the way place Azula is relaxing in the shadows and looking like she's waiting for nothing in particular. Which is a lie of course because she is waiting to catch something. Unawares. And possibly in a horribly compromising moment.

Considering she's waiting for Zuko and he's always doing something awkward she knows she doesn't have to wait very long.]
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Updating and not wanting to do my essays lead me to finally finishing these relationship essays such as they are. I apologize to any castmates who might disagree with my headcanon and invite you people to actually write your own relationship memes should you disagree. *cough*That'sahint*cough*

In the Fire Nation saying 'I don't hate you' is a sign of affection )

...oh man that was long-winded.
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As of now Azula is updated to just before Boiling Rock

Age: 14
Height: Taller than Aang, shorter than Mai. I'm going to go with something around 5'3" just because it's a trend.
Weight: Perfectly healthy weight!
Medical Info: ...can bend fire? Aside from chipped nails she's probably never been seriously injured in her life and suffers no terrible trauma about scarring or the like (ha ha Zuzu)
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black
Physical traits: Her features are a lot sharper than the other Avatar females, probably to help with the whole "someone you don't want to mess with" image. And she looks a little like Zuko, although the Avatar didn't get it at first.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Azula loves gleaning information from people so talking about her world and things relating to it will cause her to pay close attention. Please do not mention anything that happens after Boiling Rock to her, especially the suggestion that Mai and Ty Lee would betray her. And obviously going crazy isn't something she wants to hear either.

Abilities: Azula is a prodigy firebender, likely one of the youngest people to master the second level of using lightning (something only Iroh and Ozai have been shown to accomplish). Her usual style is using blue flame, related to being absent of emotion, and she is very good at it. Azula doesn't fatigue easily and is perceptive to discovering weaknesses. For example she based an entire volleyball strategy around one of the players hesitating in their kicks, deduced it was from a childhood injury that left her weak, and then told them all to pound it at her repeatedly until they gave up. And this was just a game.

When she is deadly serious she has been able to fight the Avatar to a standstill. And she is ruthless in exploiting any advantage that may lead her to victory, including holding people hostage and mindfuckery.

Notes for the Psychics: SOCIOPATH ALERT. Azula is a liiiiar and a ruthless killer. Peeking into her head you'll see her fixation with power, destroying any who contradict the Fire Nation's interest (by that I mean hers), and generally bad vibes that do not cover up a secret squishy center. I don't even want to really know what goes on her head. Mostly you can see her perfectionist issues and a deep-seated need to control things around her.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Talk to me first. She might try to kill you. And by might I mean "she would hit it with the fury of a thousand exploding suns."

Hugging/Kissing/Other Non-Violent Physical Contact: Only Ty Lee gets free rein, and maybe Mai. She could likely shrug anything off. Oh, and if she's touching you or in your space that's a baaaaaaad sign.

Maim/Murder/Death: Talk to me first, but unless they lead to hilarious fun I'll probably pass.

Cooking: ...she can set food on fire. That probably is the most she'll contribute.
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